Beneath Harken Village

The trip so far

Brought together by fate, the adventurers were sent in to the old tunnels beneath Harken by the friendly dwarven pub owner, Old Kellar. There’s been two encounters with the enemy forces so far.

In the last meeting with the enemy, the adventurers managed to wipe-out all but one of the enemies in a room. Unfortunately, the one they didn’t manage to kill was a hexer who awoke from the wizard’s sleep spell, saw that he was in trouble, and bolted in to the next room to warn what lies in wait.

The adventurers have jammed the door to the next room in the hope that it might give them a moment to catch their breath and gather their thoughts before proceeding. Moments after the secure the door, from behind they hear the clattering of armor. A stocky dwarf warrior and a stealthy elf ranger come around the corner and realize, with some surprise, that the group is still alive. Old Kellar sent them in after the initial group… seems he didn’t have much faith in their abilities.



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